Mom.. we share everything!

After I received my diagnosis I felt like my life would end. And then i remembered my mother. She had gone through this journey and came out strong. I am my mothers daughter. How could i forget that!!!!!!!! shame on me. But then again that was her journey and this here………… this was mine

Wait….. hold on… My mom!!
I have to call her…how could that have slipped my mind???
I took my phone and dialed her number, then hung up.

“How i’m I going to break the news to her????. What will I say to her”???.

I decided to wait. It was morning. I wanted her to go about her day. She deserved to have a good day.  She deserved to laugh, make jokes and make people laugh. She is a hoooooooot. She has the ability to bring you to tears,,,, of laughter that is.

Around 7pm i called her.

“Mom, sasa, how are you and how was your day”?. I let her talk for a few minutes. She cracked a few jokes and I produced a sound that was supposed to be  laughter, but it kinda wasn’t… (you know the sound I’m talking about right???).

I could not prolong it anymore.. I had to tell her.

“Mom, do you remember when we went for lunch at a certain restaurant and I ordered then when it was your turn you told me to order  the same food as mine???.
Do you remember how we do things together?? When you are sad I can tell and when you are happy I’m also happy?? Well mom we love each other so much that we share everthing, you got cancer aaaaaaaand well that will be another thing for us to share.. I was at the hospital today and mom… I HAVE CANCER”.

*Sigh* There I said it.

*A loooooooong pause ensued…I am very sure i heard a pin fall.. I really did*!!

Then she started crying. That broke my heart… I hung up because i could not bear to hear my mama cry. I just pictured her sitting on the sofa crying her lungs out. I pictured her sitting there asking God to transfer my cancer to her. That she could handle it.

The next day when she called she told me she had prayed to Jehovah and pleaded  with him to transfer the sickness to her(that’s how well I know my mama). I just told her…. “I know mom,,,, I know. But mom you know we share everything, that’s how deep our love is, so when you get sick, I get sick. Mom, you fought it, you kicked cancers ass, and i will too.. I’m I not your dotahhh?????( insert Nigerian accent)

In between the tears we managed to laugh. We laughed about all the things we have done together, silly or otherwise, about all the memories we have shared. And then she told me, “You will be fine my daughter. After all I’m I not your mothahh??( insert Nigerian accent) You got this,,, You got this. “Sallie  utapona.  Besides 1 Corinthians  10:13 say that God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out so that you may be able to endure it”…

Unfortunately on the 19th of that month my mom was operated on again. She spend a week in the hospital. She was doing well and kept reminding me to pray. Jehovah was going to fight for us. He always does.

I was in a daze for the better part of that month.  I had so many hospital appointments. They needed to make sure the cancer had not spread to the lungs and liver. I met the Surgeon that was going to dissect me. Heck I even googled him(actually I kinda stalked him). I also got acquainted with the anesthesiologist  and some of the nurses that would be involved in my post surgery treatment. Through  all this my ooooohhh not so little brother never left my side.  #mybrotherisbetterthanyours

That December was also spent breaking the news to my family and friends. But despite a gloomy cloud lingering over my head, we made some pretty awesome memories. We managed to laugh our lungs out(don’t panic my lungs were in perfect condition).
We danced and  acted  like  teenagers whose  parents had gone away for the weekend. (You know, a Project X scenario but with 10 people instead of hundreds, and no police involved, or breaking things, but still very wild…… in our heads that is).

And ofcourse I had to cook. If I remember well I made a roasted leg of lamb with roasted vegetables(I told you that I loooooove cooking). It was a blessing having everyone around and I was happy to have hosted them.

Ooooohhhhh I almost forgot. My family and friends decided to surprise me by booking a spa day for me. My amazing sister in law and I had a wonderful day. Bamboo massages, sauna’s, Turkish steam bath. I enjoyed myself well well oohhhh. (but the things I saw there!!!!……that pppfff….. is a story for another day)

Cancer did not have me… I had it

I had this….. I soooooooooo had this. Cancer needed to get ready.. I was going to kick it to pluto. After all my mama had and I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am my mother’s daughter.

We share everything

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