1.064 Pills Later!!!

I have about 13000 fotos on my phone. I spent the better part of my morning going through them, selecting 700 pictures to delete then acidentally “UNSELECTING” and having to do it all over again (ggggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!)  At some point I started to wonder why I was torturing myself and then I remembered….. There are two specific pictures I wanted to share with you.”  

Chemotherapy has alooooooooooooooooooooooot of side effects. Yeeeeeees I know there is the nausea, allergy to cold things or metal surfaces, not to mention reverting back to when you were a nappy wearing todler (Seriously you do). There is something very humbling about wearing a diaper as an adult… I know there are weired people out there that have Paraphilic infantilism,( also known as autonepiophilia and adult baby syndrome) buuuuuuhhh I am not one of them. If you do not know what I mean just watch TLC!!!!!!!…

Now that aside, Chemo has a few great side effects. I am not kidding you it does!!!!

Please hear me out because I am very serious.

We have established that Chemo is toxic. It kills all the cells in your body. The good cells reproduce and the bad cells (cancer) die. So picture this…………. All the cells in your body have died. Now your body will start making new cells (It’s like a snake that sheds off its skin). My skin would dry up and shed and I would get a new soft layer of skin… How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!

 Do you know how much money women pay for such kind of treatments/products? Do you???????????    

Women have a 1001 products that promise to deliver a younger you that looks rejuvinated and stress free. Every few weeks my face would glow. I did not need to scrub my face with clay, sand or whatever soil it is us women smear on our faces. 

Ooooohhh eeeeemm geeee, I have just had a light bulb moment…. When I was young I used to love the rainy season, especially when we were in shags(the village). The ground would soften up, we would run outside, collect clay, sit  at the veranda and start making clay statitutes. I remember how soft my hands would feel afterwards.

For those of us that loved to play with clay, we were exfoliating our hands without even knowing it. Now we know that clay is great for our skins so my questions is: Why is it that no one has gone to shags, collected clay, mixed it with a little bit of our white coastal sand, some shea butter, coconut oil and voila your very own line of Clay scrub!!!!!

During Chemo I did not have to spend a single cent on pedicure. No amount of  Vaseline Petrolium Jelly  could prevent the skin on my feet  and hands from drying out . All I needed to do was peel it off. That was sooo gratifying because the new skin was as soft as a babies bum (the vaseline might have helped :-). 
Chemo had messed up my system. For 6 months my body was all types of cray cray.

I was popping pills, throwing up, soiling myself, crying, experiencing different and unpleasant pains, cursing, sleeping on floors, wearing diapers and snapping at total strangers,

November 14th 2014 was a life changing day. I walked into my family doctors office with a stomach ache but little did I know that my life was about to change. I spend a week at the hospital and walked away thinking that I had an infection in my intestine. Chaleeeee Infection kene!!!!. It was Cancer…. You deh hear em??? Na Cancer I get , not an infection!!!!!

Now 7 months and an  operation later I was finally done with my Chemo sessions…

Chemo no be small ting ooohhhh!!!. My friends believe me when I tell you that!…..

I did not have all my sessions and a  part of me was sooo sooo very happy about that. Little did I know that my happiness would not last. I told you that session number 7 would forever change my life and it did.

July 31st at 8pm as I swallowed pill number 1064 I shed a tear. I had not chosen this journey,,,,,,,,,,,,this journey had chosen me!!!!

As I swallowed that last pill I looked back at my life and amidst my tears I smiled. I had made it. “Jehovah thank you for standing by my side” I murmered as I swallowed it.

1064 pills seems like a like a lifetime ago. What I wouldn’t give to go back to when 1064 pills was the least of my problems.